We'd love you to join us! The heart of La Leche League is mothers supporting other mothers. We are a non-profit organization; mothers are always welcome to attend our meetings whether or not they choose to become members. If you would like to support La Leche League's work in the local community please consider becoming a member. There are two annual membership levels:

$65 includes membership in our local group and La Leche League International.
(This membership also includes a free copy of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Book. that can be picked up at one of our meetings.)

$40 membership to our local group, La Leche League of Jersey City

Please send your tax deductible check for $65 or $40, payable to "LLL of Jersey City" to 21 Emory St., Jersey City, NJ 07304.

Half of the membership fee stays in our group and is put toward  local outreach efforts, while the rest goes to support La Leche League International's mission.

Benefits of membership include discounted purchases at the LLL International online store, and a one year subsription to the online LLL! magazine "Breastfeeding Today".  

We are an organization of volunteers--no membership fees go to salaries.